June 8, 2010

Endings, endings everywhere....

Today was D's last day of kindergarten.

Let me say that again.

Today was D's last day of kindergarten. As in I no longer have a kindergartener. As in I now have a first grader. As in my baby is growing up so quickly I just can't stand it.

Those of you who know me in real life know hard I take these milestones. I love watching my kids grow up, yet it makes me incredibly sad at the same time. It goes so fast. I even blogged about it a few months ago when D turned 6. I wish I could stop time and let my kids be forever at this stage.....D at age 6, A almost 4. Of course, I wanted to stop by every year since my kids have been born...this feeling is nothing new for me.

As always, I was very involved in D's school. When he was in preschool, I helped out when I could the first year, and was room mom for the second and third years. This year, I was co-room-mom for the latter half of the year. I volunteered in the school's book room once a week, filing all the reading books that the teachers would drop off. I volunteered in his classroom once a week, usually spending my time making photocopies for D's teacher, but sometimes getting to read with the kids, or paint art projects. I went in to teach his class about Hannukah in December, and just last week I went in to make homemade pasta with all 23 kids.

I encouraged D to really take advantage of all school had to offer as well. Science Fair was coming up? D entered a project (he made rock candy!) Mother/Son Dance? We were the cutest couple on the dance floor. "Walk To School" day? D did it every month. International Festival, Family Game Night, Movie Night? We took D to it all. D has always been a kid who likes to try it all and I love to encourage him to.

With the end of school also came the end of his first year of Sunday School at our synagogue and his first (and only) season of t-ball. So many endings at once. Couple that with A's last day of school the previous week, plus her transitioning to a big-girl bed and you can see why this week is hitting me particularly hard.

Yes, this week I am a very nostaglic, although always grateful, mama. So proud, so sad, so happy, so wistful, all at once.

Now....onto summer!

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