April 18, 2010

Here is why I am tired all the time

I just looked at my calendar for the upcoming week. I am already exhausted! Here is what a typical week looks like for me and my kids:

1 hour of Speech Therapy for A (through the school district)
1/2 hour of Adapted P.E. for A (through the school district)
1/2 hour of Speech Therapy for A (through our private insurance)
Take D to t-ball practice

Take A and nurse to school
Volunteer at D's school, both shelving books in the book room and working in his classroom
Pick up A
1/2 hour of Physical Therapy (through the school district)
Take D to karate

1/2 hour of Adapted P.E. for A (through the school district)
1 hour of Physical Therapy for A (through our private insurance)

no therapies! Just take A and nurse to school and then pick up!
Take D to karate

1 hour of speech therapy (through the school district)
Take A to our synagogue for their preschool's "Shabbat with the Rabbi"

D has t-ball game
A has 45 minutes of horse therapy

D has Sunday School.

This list does not include picking D up from school every day, homework, playdates, errands, making lunches, making dinners, doing laundry, playing with my kids, making phone calls for a million different things, random doctor's appointments. Some weeks we have no doctor's appointments at all. This coming week we have two (D has his 6 year-old yearly checkup, A has her six-month check-in with her neurologist). It also doesn't include me making time for myself to workout.

Thank goodness I have such a great and involved husband. J takes D to school almost every day, and also takes D to his t-ball games on Saturdays and to-and-from Sunday School most Sundays (this is so that I can take A to horse therapy on Saturdays, and do my long runs on Sunday mornings). He is also extremely helpful with the bathtime and bedtime routine. I am a lucky wife indeed.

I also have to make time to clean the house (I do have a housekeeper to deep-clean every other week, but I do daily maintainance), workout, read for my book club, and watch my favorite tv shows. I would love to find time to scrapbook, which was a hobby of mine that I still occasionally enjoy, but really don't have the time now.

I also have other responsibilities I've taken on. I'm co-room-mom for D's kindergarten class. I am on an advisory board for my synagogue's youth group. I'm in a book club that meets monthly. I might be helping A's preschool director with a big project....and I am starting an enormous project at D's school (a foundation)...but more about that another time.



  1. A lot of that is in A's court and that will get less and less w/ time b/c as we know she is a rock star. But you are doing a good job keeping the balance w/ D & A time/activity. I know you feel like you are driving and on your feet all the time. You have to have time for you and that is w/o question. If that means that your kids can only do one sport for a period of time or a season, then you should. They won't suffer for it. I worry that you are burning the wicks on both ends all the time. You need time for you and that will just make you happier and a better woman/mom/wife.

  2. That is a lot of stuff going on in any single week and to do it week after week? Wow. I'm not sure I could handle it all. I am glad though that you have such a supportive team mate in J, it's great that you two can lean on each other and keep your eyes on the common goal, a happy and healthy family.


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