July 26, 2011

7 Links

There has been something called 7 Links circulating around the blogosphere. I was honored when Thesesa over at Active Eggplant nominated me to do it. It's a great way to dig up old posts, especially for newer and casual readers. So, without further ado, here are my 7 links:

1) My Most Beautiful Post

This is hard! I'd have to say it's one of these two: Thoughts on Mothering My Daughter and Thoughts on Mothering My Son. I wrote both last Mother's Day, 2010, and to me sums what what I have learned from parenting each of my children, including my daughter who has some special medical needs.

2) My Most Popular Post

My most popular post, based on page views, (apart from when I did my Tommie Copper Compression Sleeve Review and Giveaway) was I Miss My Daughter: ICU Update. Last month my daughter was unexpectedly in the ICU for a week, including over her 5th birthday, when her lung collapsed after a supposedly simple surgery to close the hole where her trachestomy had been. Lots and lots of people read that post. It was hard to write..and after re-reading it now, I'm extra glad she is home.

3) My Most Controversial Post

I don't think I have ANY controversial posts! I will post this one, I Feel Like A Running Fraud, because that was an INNER controversy with myself. I didn't feel like a real runner, or a real triathlete, even though in actuality I am.

4) My Most Helpful Post

I will nominate What is YOUR Excuse?, in which I counter-attack all possible excuses for not making time to exercise! I firmly believe that we can ALL carve out time to work out. If I can do it, anyone can!

5) A Post Whose Success Surprised Me

I wrote about a necklace I had engraved with the phrase I Am Not Afraid. I Was Born To Do This! My friend and jeweler Erica Sara made it for me. It expressed my thoughts on overcoming my fears, both when it comes to racing half marathons and triathlons and in parenting.

6) A Post I Feel Didn't Get The Attention It Deserved

Oh, heck, I don't know! I honestly don't pay attention to the number of people who view my blog or each post. I also don't keep track of comments, as some people comment on my blog, others write their responses to posts on Twitter and dailymile, and many more people read but don't respond at all. I will, instead, randomly choose one that didn't get a lot of comments: My Sweet Potato Moment, where I explain why I am grateful for all the little "ordinary" things my daughter does...including getting food stains on her clothes.

7) A Post That I Am Most Proud Of

Easily this post is The Swim. I was proud of the way I wrote; I thought it encapsulated a swim session from beginning to end perfectly.

And now I'm supposed to nominate 5 people of my own to do this exercise. I'm not sure if these friends have done their 7 links yet, but if not, I encourage them to do so!

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  1. You need to be more controversial! haha :)
    Not sure if I'm going to squeeze one of these posts in for a long while, I've been very bloggy & inspired lately!

  2. great posts!!! thanks for the tag!!! now im off to figure out my top posts....this could take awhile!


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