January 4, 2012

A Quick 2011 Recap

Happy New Year! It's been a while since I've written, mostly because I've been on vacation visiting family in Texas. I have been very inspired reading my favorite bloggers recap their year; while I don't want to go into great details, I would like to do the same.

For the most part, 2011 was a great year for me and my family. The one awful part was my daughter being in the hospital for 10 days. She had gone in to get her stoma closed (the hole in her neck where her tracheostomy, or breathing tube, used to be) but had horrible complications in the recovery room when her lung collapsed. She was put in a medicated coma, and was on a ventilator for over a week; she was even in ICU during her 5th birthday. However, she pulled through, and is doing great. So, boo for the unexpected, extended hospital stay, but yay for her finally being able to swim and take a bubble bath for the first time! That horrible chapter of her life was finally put to a close.

Overall, everything else in 2011 was great!

I look forward to 2012; it should be a great year. I will most likely write a goals post about 2012 soon. I hope it's as fulfilling to me as last year was!


  1. You forgot to mention how your amazing positive attitude has inspired so many of us!

  2. Whoa - You my friend are an endurance rock star! Amazing and congrats on such fabulous achievements! 4 Tri's...I can't even imagine!!

  3. Awesome year for you!!!!

    I look forward to following you through the next year!

  4. You Rock it Woman! Looking forward to see how you take names in 2012.

  5. You had a great year! :) It's been a joy to watch you train. Cheers to a great 2012!

  6. An amazing year no doubt. You are a model mother, wife and athlete. I have no idea how you do it all and do it ALL so well!! I can't wait to watch you in 2012!!


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