March 10, 2010

My Little Competitors

My son, D, has been begging me to sign him up for a running race. It's been hard to find one; kids' races (usually held the day before a big race like a marathon) are few and far between. I did find a few recently, but they have been on days where he had soccer, or t-ball, and I don't want him to miss a team-related event if he could help it.

I finally found a race--the Carlsbad Junior, in April. It's the day before the big Carlsbad 5000 (5K), which is an extremely popular race here in San Diego. It happens to be on a day when he has no t-ball, so we are completely free that day. I signed him up for the 1/2 mile run (for kids ages 4-6). He is very excited.

But the best part is that I signed A up too! For kids under age 4, there is a Toddler Trot (50 yards) and a Diaper Dash (25 yards). Miss Thang is going to walk the Toddler Trot! It's the length of half a football field...TOTALLY doable for her. Of course, when I registered her for it, she had only been really walking for 6 weeks! I have laugh....who knew that when this year started that my daughter would not only be walking within a couple of weeks, but a few months later would be "competing" in her first "race"!?!?!?! I am thrilled, and plan on walking every step alongside her.

Both kids will get a goody bag, t-shirt, and finishers' medal. I cannot wait---this should be a great morning for both kids, and perhaps the start of a love of running like their mama!


  1. I think getting into these little races at a young age is so great. Dylan does these kid triathlons they have over the spring/summer (there are 4) and he LOVES them. It is just fun to see them part of something with kids their own age. They see other families who are active and healthy and fit. A good way to start life off.

  2. Your kids are going to have a blast!! I can't wait to see and hear all about the race and how much fun they both had.


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