January 16, 2010


I am absolutely devastated by what is going on in Haiti. I have that same sense of horror and helplessness that I felt (as we all felt) during 9/11, the Indian Ocean Tsunami, and Hurricane Katrina....wanting to help, but unable to. We DID donate to the Red Cross, which I feel good about, but I want to do more.

The news is sickening. Hospitals have collapsed. Can you imagine being a patient in a hospital and being CRUSHED TO DEATH while there? Not to mention that now there are no hospitals for the wounded. Orphanages are destroyed. I read that one orphanage in particular had 1500 children. Dead bodies are being stuffed everywhere. People are going to just disappear...there are no markings, no names, on most of the dead....surviving family members will never know what happened to them, or know where they are buried. Some people have been pulled from the rubble alive, only to die. And many that survived in the first place are now perishing due to lack of water, food, and contagious disease. No one wants to return to whatever houses are still standing, for fear of aftershocks. All these hungry, thirsty, dirty, sick, traumatized and shell-shocked people are sleeping in open fields, without shelter.

These people were so poor before, so needy. Their houses were literally shacks---no wonder they all collapsed. Even the PRESIDENT'S PALACE, the one building you'd think would be better built, was destroyed. I don't know how this country will ever recover. New Orleans is finally starting to recover, years later, although it still has a long way to go....and that is one city. Haiti is an entire country.

I hope that the world, especially the United States, which has so much, will lend a helping hand. Or two.

I think that being a mother makes it more difficult to read such horrendous news. I can't help but speculate how it would be if I were there...if it were MY kids that were trapped and/or killed. It's a dark place I can't even go.

Terrorists and Mother Nature. Which is more deadly?

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  1. Oh, mother nature for sure. Look at the tsunami a few years ago. That killed over 100K people. Unreal. Can you imagine something like that happening here in the USA? Katrina killed a few thousand and that was just difficult to believe. I worry about mother nature all the time. And most of the time it affects poor people living in poor conditions in houses we would never set foot in. The way things are in Haiti it will make it difficult for help to get to where it is needed. There is chaos, no one really taking charge, their president in MIA (coward) and many who survived the tremors will die before help arrives. Americans have too much. Many in the world have too much. We want and want and often do not see what is precious and important. I am guilty of that too. We can only strive to be better, to do better.


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