November 4, 2010

Curb Appeal

Today my daughter, A, did something she has never done before. She stepped up onto a curb from the street, and then was able to step down. Without help.

I know that for most 4 year olds this is not a big deal, but for A it's a huge achievement. Although she has been walking unassisted since January, she still has a hard time with things that require balance and strength. She has no semi-circular canals, which are the part of the inner ear that control balance (most people have 3 on each side, making 6 total; A has none). She also has low muscle tone and low core strength, despite the years of physical therapy, adapted P.E., and horse therapy that she has done. This affects her in different ways...she always falls backward while going a slide, she can't yet jump, and she doesn't have the strength and balance to step up high on a curb.

Until today.


  1. Congrats! A banner day! The first of many physical feats!


  2. That's a huge deal! Those little muscles are firing up!


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