January 7, 2016

Bubble Run Recap 2015

This event was so fun!  It was this past November, the day before I ran the Silver Strand Half Marathon.  I had signed up the family as soon as I heard about it.  From what I could tell, it would be like the Color Run, but with bubbles.  As my daughter had missed the Color Run due to breaking her neck, I was excited for her to try this. And it wasn't a race---it was untimed, and not even a full 5k.

Packet pickup was a pain.  It was down at a Sports Authority the day before in Chula Vista.  They did have packet pickup the day of the event,  but as I didn't know what the venue would be like, I didn't want to feel stressed the day of.  I got to packet pick well before the announced start time, but even then there was a long line already.  I felt bad for people coming after me---the line got SUPER long, snaking all around the store!  I got our bibs and t-shirts, which we were to wear at the event.

The next morning we drove down to Chula Vista---the event took place at the Sleep Train Ampitheatre parking lot.  We had to pay for parking, and it was crowded (there were two heats---one in the early morning and one in the late morning. We chose the late morning heat so there were tons of cars both leaving and arriving).  However, once we found parking it was a very easy walk to the start line.  We waited quite a while, as they didn't start until 10-15 minutes past the scheduled start time, which bugged me, especially as it was so hot.  But once we got started, it was fun!

start line
Basically, the course went all around the ampitheatre parking lot.  There were 5 bubble stations to run through, each dyed a different color.  A few of the stations had wimpy bubbles going, probably due to the wind, which was blowing them away. But others had tons of bubbles, enough that we were covered head-to-toe when we went through.  While there were some people running from station to station, most people, including us, were walking.

these were some of the wimpier bubbles

some huge bubbles

By the end, we were soaked with bubbles and our white shirts were stained with color.  But that wasn't the end of the fun!  At the finish line, they had more bubble blasters the the kid couldn't enough of. It was kind of like snow.

We are already signed up again for next year.  It was crazy fun, and the best part is that the whole family got to participate.  It was a very festive atmosphere.  I'm glad we had the later heat--because it was hot, we weren't as bothered at the end by the wet clothes.   One tip----some kids had goggles on, and I can see this would be a good thing.  It would be especially good for any child in a stroller, as the kids in strollers were COVERED in bubbles since they were so low to the ground---goggles would help protect the eyes.

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