July 7, 2015

Vineman 70.3---T minus 5 days

I'm long overdue for a blog update. It's been a busy summer so far----sending my oldest off to sleep-away camp, my husband changing jobs,  and me home with my daughter, doing playdates, tutoring, and doctors' appointments.

We're leaving to drive up to Sonoma for Vineman 70.3.  This will be my third half-Ironman (see recaps for Superfrog, done in 2012, and Ironman California Oceanside, done in 2014). I am getting nervous---but more than that, I am super excited.  This is a bucket list race for most people. It sold out in 7 minutes, I believe (maybe even quicker) which is a testament to its popularity.   I will swim in the Russian River, bike rolling hills through vineyards, and run through La Crema winery. It's supposed to be a beautiful, albeit tough, course---the weather is typically very hot, and the run is largely unshaded.  The forecast is showing great weather, and I hope it holds up.  If it does get in the 90s, well----I have no control over the weather and will do what I can to cool down.  (I am bringing Frogg Togg Cooling Pads with me on the run, as well as ziploc baggies to put ice in).

I have been coached by my dear friend, Steve (see his blog here) again, and once again, feel strong going into the race.  This time I got most of my training in.  Yes, there were some days I didn't bike, or swim, or even run---but I hit the majority of my workouts.  Life got in the way via my husband's brain surgery in March, and end-of-the-year activities and promotion with the kids, but I still managed to get most of the workouts in.  I signed up on November 1st---since then, I have swam 57 miles, biked 1522 miles, and ran 412 miles.  I know many people have gotten tons more miles in, but for me that's the best I have been able to do.  And my last three long bike rides (50 miles each) had elevation gains of 3400 feet, vs the 2000 or so I'll do on race day.  (In contrast, with virtually the same amount of time between signing up and race day for Oceanside, I had swam 50 miles, biked 1578 and ran 330).

I know whatever happens on race day, I am prepared and will do my best.  My big goal is to break 8:29:59 (official cut-off is 8:30; although if I'm later the course will still be open and I should get a medal, but a DNF next to my name).  Superfrog I finished just over 8 hours, and Oceanside I finished just shy of 8:30.  I don't want to go over 8:30, but if I do, I do.  It would not be for lack of training....it would be because the day just wasn't mine to execute perfectly.  I'll do my best, try my hardest and know I'm ready to do this.

I intend on having fun, enjoying the experience, and swimming, biking and running with gratitude and a smile on my face.

I'll update next week!

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  1. Shed any worrying thoughts you're having! You got this. Go into it with I CAN I WILL!! Embrace the toughness of the course! Keep moving forward. Enjoy the scenery! Make a friend on the course. Hydrate! Fuel! Do the triathlon thing! Good luck! I'll be thinking of you when I'm doing my ride on Sunday!


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