December 23, 2014

Hot Buttered Run 10k Race Recap

This past weekend I ran in my last race of 2014, the Hot Buttered Run 10k.

Full disclosure: I only signed up for this race because a few months ago I was looking at the sidebar of my blog (where I list upcoming races and races completed) and noticed I had a race every month this year except for December.  Yes, I participated in at least one event each month (whether a run-only, bike-only, swim-only, or triathlon) and December was blank. I've never had a year where I raced each month, and while it was totally accidental that it worked out that way, I couldn't leave December blank.  I didn't want to do a half marathon, or a 5k....and this 10k worked beautifully into my schedule.  They also had a kid's 1k race that day, so I registered my 8 year old daughter, A

Three weeks ago, I was talking to my 10 year old son, D, about his running goals. He's been running 5ks with me for a few years now, and is quite good at them (much faster than me!). I asked him if he wanted to bump up to a 10k....and was excited when he agreed!  At first we were looking at a 10k next March, but then I thought of this race, which I was already signed up for.  He agreed to try.  So two weeks ago I took him to Miramar Lake, a local lake with a 5 mile loop.  He ran it with me, and liked it, so when we got home I registered him for the 10k.  After all, as I told him, if he could run 5, he could run 6.2.

Fast forward to race weekend. This past weekend was CRAZY!  A was in the Nutcracker (a feat that deserves its own post) on Saturday and I had no time to get the race packets. My husband was kind enough to go down to Road Runner Sports to get all three of our packets---just a bib and the race shirts, but the 10k shirts were long-sleeved tech--score!  A's 1k shirt was cotton, but adorable.  Sunday morning came all too quickly, but since the race didn't start until 10 (!!) we got to sleep in.  We left the house at 9, drove to Paradise Point in Mission Bay, and easily found parking. I had enough time to wait for the port-o-potties, then D and I made our way to the start line.  There were 3 corrals, and we chose the last one, which was for 10 minute or more milers.  A stayed with my husband to wait for us.  By the way, they also had a kid's zone there, a place you could leave your child in a daycare-type situation while the parent ran the race. I didn't need to use that, but I'm sure a lot of people did.

tree-lined finish line

So, D and I lined up.  Finally it was time for our corral to start (they released all 3 corrals separately).  We started with my 2 minute run/30 second walk ratio, which helps me tremendously with my sciatic pain.  I told D he could run on ahead if he wanted, but wisely he stuck with me, knowing that if he went out on his own he'd burn out too quickly.  It was getting warm, and I was glad I had brought Gatorade for the two of us to drink in my Fuel Belt.  They did have two aid stations on the course, but with a race that long and a day that warm, I needed more.

start line

The course was gorgeous----circling all around the Mission Bay area.  The sun, the water, and everyone dressed in their holiday gear made for great things to look at. I hadn't brought my iPod with me, as I was running with D, but had so much to look at to keep me occupied.  Oh---I dressed up too!  I got us each a headband with a present on it, jingle bell bracelets, and Christmas light necklaces that actually lit up.  D ditched the headband, but the jingle bell bracelets made a nice festive noise the whole run.

view of Mission Bay

The first four miles were great.  At around mile 4 D started to tire and want more walk breaks, so I reduced our ratio to 90 seconds run/30 seconds walk.  Soon he was complaining that his ankle hurt.  He said it was a 6 (out of 10) on the pain scale, which worried me.  We were only at mile 4.5 at that point.  We actually stopped so I could take his shoe off and look at it.  His ankle looked fine to me----no swelling, no discoloration, etc----but I told him we could walk the rest of the way, or I could carry him, or we could call for a pickup (not finish).  He wanted to finish, and in fact decided to run faster so he could finish quicker!  At mile 5 I  told him I wasn't going to do any more set intervals--that the last mile was his, and I'd run when he ran, and walked when he walked, at his discretion.  And run he did!  He is much faster than me, and the next half mile I was chasing after him at a 9:35 pace (by contrast, my usual run pace is about 10:45 [minus walk breaks]).  Half a mile later, I thought I was going to burst a lung. He didn't need a walk break, but I did after that sprint, so I told him to go ahead and finish.  I watched him fade in the distance, and then met him at the finish line, where they called my name.

 D finished 45 seconds faster than me. I was so impressed--not only was this his first 10k, but he hadn't really trained for it, save for that one 5 mile run two weeks ago. I'd love to see his time if he trains, and doesn't have ankle pain. As for me, it wasn't a PR, but I was only 2 minutes off my 10k PR, which is great considering I stopped in the middle of the race to look at his ankle, and slowed down my ratio. 

After the race, we found my husband and daughter.  There were no medals for the 10k runners, which was a bummer. I didn't really care too much for me, although I do enjoy them to remember the race by, but my son was sad, especially as he just got a medal rack for Hanukkah!  Oh well.  They had nice snacks after, and hot drinks---hot buttered rum for the adults, and hot chocolate for those under 21. I tried the rum drink, but personally didn't like it at all, and ended up tossing it.

hot buttered rum

When the last 10k runner crossed the finish line, it was time for the kids' races.  First they changed the sign at the start line---a nice touch!  They had a mini race for kids 8 and under---it literally just went to a nearby parking lot and back, and those runners were back in about a minute!  Then it was the 1k runner's turn.  Most kids ran alone, but I ran with A, as I didn't want her to get lost or trampled.  The cutest part of this race (just an out-and-back to another parking lot) was when A turned to me and said, "I'm doing great!".  The kids got a medal when they crossed, and an opportunity to receive a candy cane from Santa Claus, which A refused. 

kids' sign is up

All in all, a great race. It was fun to run with both my son and my daughter.  And to see my son complete his first 10k---all I can say is, WOW!!  We're thinking ahead a few years to when he's a teen...that may be a good time to do his first half marathon. In the meantime, we've officially bumped him up to 10ks!  And I'm proud of my daughter. While I'm not sure she's ready to start training for a 5k anytime soon (although, who knows?) she did great on the 1k!  I would definitely recommend this fun, festive race as a great end-of-the-year event.

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  1. sounds like your whole family had fun! I ran this race last year and liked it. Not sure how old your daughter is but when she's 8 you should look into Girls on the Run. :o) You and your son could be her Running Buddies for the 5K at the end of the season!


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