November 7, 2013

Awesome 80's 5k Race Recap ('13)

My son, D, and I had the best time last weekend running in the 2nd annual Awesome 80's 5k.  I did this run solo last year, although last year I did the 10k (it was my first-ever 10k).  This year they did not offer the 10k option, only the 5k, which was fine with me.  The reason I did this race last year was for the medal. I'm not the type of runner who usually runs races for the actual medal at the end, but for this one I did--last year's was designed to look like a cassette tape. I had to have it!  This year was no different.  They announced a Darth Vader medal----and I immediately signed myself and my 9 year old. I knew it would be a fun race, as everyone dresses up, and I knew D would adore the medal (he loves Star Wars).

Last year my friend Ingrid and I dressed up in neon. This year I wanted to do something different, so after polling my friends on Facebook for costume ideas, I settled on the classic 80's preppy look.  D wore sweat pants and a polo shirt (collar up, of course), a sweatband around his head and a wristband on either wrist.  I wore my pink running skirt, and ordered a mint green polo shirt to go with it.  A mint green and pink argyle headband, pink argyle socks, and pearls completed my look. (Since we're playing golf now I know I'll wear my new polo shirt again).   I decided to go in character, and for the morning our new names were Chip and Buffy. 

Introducing "Buffy"
Like last year, the race started at 7 so we had to leave really early.  Ingrid picked me and D up at 5:30 and we easily got down to Fiesta Island and parked. We sat in the car until the last minute at it was very cold.  I had gone down to pick up my packet the day before, which was good because we didn't need to get our stuff and backtrack to the car to put the race shirts and goody bags away.  Finally we got out of the car. I let Daniel wear his jacket, as I knew he would be cold. I brought along one of those little backpacks I got at some half marathon. I never run with those things on, but I knew that once D warmed up he'd want to shed  the jacket....and since there was no gear check I had to act as his personal valet.  Ah, motherhood.

I saw my friend Andrea in the crowd and said hi, but unfortunately didn't get to see her again as he headed to the bathroom and had a really long wait (we opted to use an actual bathroom versus the port-a-potties, but they were cleaning the bathrooms so we had to wait).  By the time we were able to use the bathroom, we only had time for some quick pictures before the race started.

Sadly, my phone was broken (I accidentally dropped it in the washing  machine on Halloween) so I wasn't able to take pictures during the race.  But just like last year, there were people dressed up in the craziest 80's costumes.  Lots of neons, lots of Madonna wanna-bes.  I saw people dressed like Run DMC, Strawberry Shortcake, the Blues Brothers, the Ghostbusters Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man....very much like last year, but just as fun.  It was D's first time in this race, and he had a great time looking at the costumes.

The run itself wasn't that great. I was pretty much pain-free, but my son had stomach cramps that made us walk a lot more than we normally would.  I let him set the pace and walk when he needed.  I was so proud of him, he was a champ and sucked up the discomfort and finished strong.  At the end, he sprinted way ahead of me to cross the finish line. I trotted in behind him and was happy to see my friend Steve waiting at the finish.  D and I got our coveted Darth Vader medals.

A fun medal for any Star Wars fan

All in all, a very fun time. The best part of this race, for me, is seeing all the costumes. Along with the music, it brings me back to my teenage years.  Awesome!


  1. hahaha that medal is awesome! Congrats to you & your son! Very sweet that you do these together!

  2. Pretty cool medal, I must say. I'm more of a medal hound than I'd care to admit, but I do love running in different settings . . . next week we're doing the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas, which looks like it's going to be awesome (and yeah, the medal is amazing . . . a poker chip with glow in the dark features). Kudos to your son for fighting through the discomfort . . . the makings of a real runner!

  3. Looks like fun! The pearls were a great touch with the polo!

  4. I LOVE the medal!! OMG!! And I'm glad so glad to hear you were pain free!! Gi issues for the boy is not a good thing, but a worthy lesson for sure!! We've all been there! :)


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