May 28, 2013

Patriots Run 5k Race Recap

Saturday morning I participated in a 5k, the 2nd annual Patriots Run. I actually participated with my whole family.  Originally, I had planned to run the 5k with my son, D. My husband, J, was going to walk with our daughter, A---he would push her in the jogging stroller.  Up until about a month ago, I had been going on some training runs with D.  I love running 5ks with him, but he doesn't yet have the endurance to go the whole way without complaining.  I signed us up for this race because I wanted him to actually train for a race for once.  As a bonus, all finishers received medals, which is rare for 5ks.  With my injury, I decided to still participate in the race, but to switch places with my husband. 

The race took place at Lake Murray, a local lake I'd never been to before. I have to say, it was very nice and I would like to go back and run it once I'm healed.  The 5k started at 8:15, so we were out the door by 7:00---no small feat for us, being the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend!  Once at the lake, we easily checked in and got our bibs. No t-shirts for this no-frills race, but I was happy it was chip-timed and that we would get medals.  So many people were dressed in red, white and blue---including my own kids. I myself wore my new Boston Wicked Strong tank top from Raw Threads; I got this in the mail a few weeks ago, but as I'm not running yet I hadn't had a chance to wear it.  We listened to an amazing rendition of the national anthem--one of the best I've ever heard--and, after the 10kers left, it was our turn.

Now, I am not a walker, and was not sure how I'd do walking 3.1 miles.  I get bored with walking easily, and while I normally would have used my iPod to pass the time, I didn't bring it because I wanted to be able to talk to my daughter.  As it turned out, the time passed pretty quickly.  I was so proud of A, as she walked quite a bit of the race.  She has a hard time walking far.  Between her low muscle tone and her lack of semicircular canals, which causes major balance issues, I was prepared to push her the entire way.  But she would walk for a while, then tell me she wanted a ride, then after  while she'd have me stop so she could walk again. She was a rock star!  It was an out-and-back, so it was fun to see J and D running past us after the turn-around.

The course was well supported, with one water station the 5kers hit twice (I can't speak for the aid on the 10k course) and a well-marked sign for the 5kers to turn around.  Once the finish line was in sight, I made A get out of the stroller so she could "run" it in.  I told her, "go get it, A!" and she replied "go get it, Mama!" That's my girl!  She determinedly strode over the finish line, so proud of herself.  My personal goal was to get in under an hour, which we did, even with the multiple stops for her to get in and out of the stroller and her slow walking.  Yay!

After we crossed the finish line, not only were were given medals, but also American flags!  This is a very cool, very patriotic race to do. I see there is another race in this series in August, which I'll look into if I'm healed.  It was a fun family activity, and a great way to kick off Memorial Day weekend!  For me, though, the best part was simply participating. Even though I wasn't running, it felt good to pin a bib on my shirt and soak in the atmosphere of the runners around me. I can't wait until I'm back running with them.

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