April 21, 2013

Peace-Love-Run 10k Race Recap

A week ago I ran the inaugural Peace Love Run.  I meant to do my recap this week, but I was too preoccupied with news of Boston.  It seemed trivial and inconsequential to write about a little race when I was glued to the TV every day trying to get the latest on bringing the scum who bombed the Boston Marathon to justice.  I'm so happy the nightmare is over, and I hope the second suspect recovers enough to be put away in jail forever.

Now, onto my recap!

As I mentioned, this race was the inaugural running. There was a 5k and 10k option; I chose the 10k.  It was only my second-ever 10k, with my first being the 80's themed race I did in November.  This race was 60's themed, and truly the only reason  did it was because I had to have the medal!  I usually don't do a race just because of what the medal looks like (I did that Awesome 80's 10k for the adorable cassette-tape medal they offered, too) but this one was adorable---a 60's themed VW bus medal. The inner hippie and Deadhead in me just couldn't resist.

I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a costume, but really wanted to dress up.  I ended up going to Target and buying a pajama top with a peace sign on it, and wearing a 60's themed headband which I already had.  It wasn't the full-on tie-dye get-up I had envisioned, but it would have to do.  One thing I was happy about was packet pickup. Although there was a small expo the day before, they also offered packet pickup the morning of the race, at no extra charge. I don't know how it is in other pars of the country, but in San Diego most races, even 5ks, require a bib pickup the day before.  Often you CAN get your stuff the morning of the race, but they charge a fee.  I didn't really have time to go to the expo the day before, as it was my son's birthday party (he's 9 now!)  And, there really wasn't much to pick up!  Just the bib.  There was no race shirt included in the cost.  You COULD buy a cute shirt for $15, but I didn't want to spend an additional $15 to commemorate a 10k, no matter how cute it was.  (To be fair, the race organizers wrote that as it was their first year, and they didn't know how many runners would register, they made a choice between medals and shirts).

I got to the race really early. The 10k started at 8:05, but I left the house at 6:30 and was there by 7:00.  As a result, I got an amazing parking spot, just a stone's throw away from the start line. I got my bib, but then hurried back to my car. It was COLD!!!!  Very cold. At that point I was regretting what I was wearing, which was only a thin t-shirt and a running skirt! I would have loved pants or a long-sleeved shirt or arm warmers.  Alas, I didn't have anything else with me, so I settled for waiting in my warm car. Soon I was joined by some friends, Ingrid and her son, and then Kelly and her daughter.  All four of them were doing the 5k.  It was Kelly's daughter's first-ever race, and I was so excited for her!  Finally, at about 7:55, we ventured out of my car and walked the few yards to the start line.  After running into another friend of mine, who was also doing her first-ever race (she did the 5k!) we posed for pictures, then I left them and headed for the 10k-ers.

Peace, man!
After a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, we were off!  I was in a sea of 60's-dressed runners. Lots of tie-dye, fringe, and headbands.  While lots of people were dressed up, however, I was surprised at how many weren't. Maybe it was the weather? As I said, it was cold.  In fact, right before we started a man mentioned that I could win an award for the most goosebumps. Thanks, man.

Groovy Start Line
The course itself was pretty flat, except for one overpass we had to run over twice.  The 10k ran by the water for a good portion, which was so pretty, then down by the airport, which wasn't so pretty. A lot of the run course I had already run during my first-ever Olympic-distance triathlon a year and a half ago. I spent much of the time thinking of that run, and how proud of myself I was for completing what had been the longest distance distance triathlon up to that point.

My view for part of the race

After a mile or so, I was really warmed up. I was actually feeling a bit hot, and wished I had a tank top on!  Many of the runners around me were peeling off layers, tying jackets around their waists. This is why you should always dress for the second mile, not the first.

Once back toward the finish area, the 10k route followed a winding snake-like pattern up and down the a field.  Suddenly it was over---actually, tiny bit short according to my Garmin, which read 6.07, but that's close enough to 6.2 for me not to complain.  I didn't PR, it was a pretty slow run compared to my previous 10k, but I still had a great time.  And this medal was worth it.

Far-out medal!
I really enjoyed the race. It was a nice course, and I loved the 60's theme.  I didn't bring a fuel belt with me, and was pleased to see there were two water stops on the course (making for 4 on the out-and-back).  It was a very low-key, relaxed race.

After I crossed the finish line, I headed back to my car to put away my medal and had to run 4 more miles---I had 10 miles on the docket that day!  I was NOT motivated to run 4 more miles after running a 10k but I got it done.

I would do this race again, especially if they offer another groovy medal design!


  1. That is a really nice medal for a 10k! I may need to hunt out some 10ks myself, do some fun races that aren't so intense with training. I like that medal very much and congrats on earning it!

  2. I am beginning to love the low key, smaller events more & more. Very fun medal! Thanks for sharing your recap. :)

  3. I totally would have done it for the medal too, TOO COOL!!
    It's so hard to dress right for things this time of year! I froze my butt off waiting to start a 13.1 on Saturday, but once I was running I wished I had 1 less layer on.
    Way to go getting the 10 in for the day too!

  4. That is a cool medal. And given the choice between shirts and medals, gimme the bling hands down.

    And seriously, do NOT consider a fuel belt for a 10K. At the SD Half in March, I asked a seasoned runner if I should use my fuel belt for the half marathon and he said, "Sure, if you wanna look like a tool."

    Far out race, man.

    1. Ha! That is funny. Actually, I HIGHLY recommend bringing a fuel belt for a half marathon. See my post "8 Tips For a Successful Race) (http://sugarmagnolia70.blogspot.com/2011/10/8-tips-for-successful-race-day.html). I have run way too many half marathons where they run out of water on the course. Too risky. And if people think I'm a tool, I don't care. That said, I wouldn't normally carry hydration/fuel belt on a 10k but I had 10 miles to run that day (4 after the race) and I needed to be sure I was adequately hydrated for the run after the 10k. :)

  5. Ok that is the best medal I have ever seen!!!!! I want one!!


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