January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Welcome, 2013!

I am hoping this year is better than last.  Overall,  last year was great (epic, even) but was notably marred at the end with the crisis of my daughter breaking her neck.  (I need to write a post updating about her, but in a nutshell: she got her halo off last month and is currently in a neck collar for a few months. So happy, so grateful).  If my family can get through this year without any health crises or unplanned hospitalizations, we'll be golden.

I finished 2012 by running 4 miles on New Year's Eve Day, putting me at 651 running miles for the year. I had run 600 miles in 2011, and had wanted to run 700 last year....but between throwing my back out during most of July and dealing with my daughter's broken neck and hospitalization in October/November, a lot of long runs (and some short runs) didn't get done.  Life got in the way, and that's ok.  I'm thrilled to be over 650 for last year.  Maybe I'll get my 700 miles in 2013.

My fitness 2012 achievements looks like this:

--I PR'd in a 5k
--I ran first 10k
--I PR'd in the half marathon (and finally broke 2:30 after chasing it for 18 months!)
--I did 5 half marathons (not counting the one at the end of the half-Ironman)
--I did my first open water swim in the ocean (instead of the usual bay)
--I biked my longest bike ride (60 miles)
--I completed my first HALF-IRONMAN (70.3 miles of fun and hell!)

Mile totals:
ran: 651 miles
biked: 1130 miles
swam: 68 miles
Total miles: 2076 (which also included various walks with the puppy and the elliptical)
Plus weight work, other 5ks, a sprint triathlon and yoga classes

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself!

Now I'm looking onward to 2013.  This is the year where I'm doing thing that scare me.  This month alone I have three half marathons (including one at night this weekend).  If all goes according to plan, this year I will complete 6-7 half marathons, my first trail race (a 15k), a century ride (103 miles) and a 2.4 mile swim.  I may or may not do a triathlon, we'll have to see how I'm feeling and how my race budget is.

Of all the scary things I have planned, the one that is freaking me out the most ( by FAR) is the century ride.  I've already signed up and paid, so there is no backing out.  There IS an option to drop down in mileage (the ride also offers a 37- and 66-mile ride option) but I want to do the big kahuna.  I don't even LOVE cycling, but I desperately want to enjoy it more.  The longest ride I've ever done was 60 miles, and that was back when I was training for Super Frog.  I have my work cut out for me.  Yesterday, to kick off 2013,  I went on a 40 mile bike ride, riding part of the Oceanside 70.3 course (which I'm eying for 2014) and was humbled by the hills. And the hills I rode are nothing compared to some of the hills I'll be tacking during the century.

The good thing about the ride is that it's just that--a ride. It's not a race.  I can stop, and I plan on stopping often.  There are 6 aid stops.  The course is open for 12 hours, and while I anticipate taking 9-10 hours to complete the ride, it's nice to know I have 12.  Although truth be told, the thought of biking for even 9-10 hours is making me ill.  I really need to get stronger on the bike, and the only way to do that is to bike, especially hills. Unfortunately, my schedule this month is awful, as I had already committed to running 3 half marathons (and I'm not biking long rides the day before a half marathon) so I need to do some long rides in the week while the kids are in school.  I am also considering getting a new bike for my birthday (when I say "new", I mean new to me....I can't afford a new bike but am sure I can find something good on Craigslist).  My current bike, True Blue, is a good little bike, but I'd like one with more gears to help me get up those hills.  IF I get a new bike, it will be in March, for my birthday. But I may not even get a new one; so far I'm managing just fine on what I have.

I really need to get used to this view:

my view for hours on end

Here's what I know for sure---that finishing the century, even if I'm the last biker in (a real possibility) will be a huge accomplishment for me and one of my proudest moments. I will treasure that medal.  And finishing everything else I have planned---an Ironman-distance swim, the trail race, more half marathons--will be so sweet as well.  I have learned this past year just how tough I can be, and I will meet all my goals this year.


  1. I somehow missed your daughter's accident. I'm so sorry. I am so happy to hear she is on the mend.

    Which 100 miler are you doing? I think my step dad may be doing one of the lower mileage rides.

  2. Thanks Nicki! I am doing the San Diego Century. :)

  3. I hope this year is much better for you! I'm glad to hear your daughter is out of the halo too!

  4. I LOVE it! The century ride! That's a huge, big scary step, and I think it's going to be amazing for you. In fact, you've just inspired me to google search for one around here!
    You did a TON of biking last year, wow, over 1000! You rock!
    I hope that the birthday fairy visits you with a great new bike.
    Happy New year!

  5. How exciting to stand at the beginning of all these goals! I can't wait to cheer you on - you're going to be great!

  6. Good to hear that halo is off and you have MUCH to be proud of from 2012. You punched your Ironman card which is something I can't claim. You will do great in the century ride just as you've done everything else. I imagine that's more about completed it vs focusing on time? Best of luck in 2013 and thanks for all your support!

  7. I wrote a great comment, but it seemed to disappear. Here goes again. Glad to hear the daughter is out of the halo. What a harrowing experience, but glad you're on the other side. On 2013 you have much to be thankful for including you're a fricking Iron(wo)man! Do not fret the century. I know you well enough (virtually) to know you will wonder why you worried about it after it's done. You'll do FINE! You already did 60 so what's another 40. Thanks for all your support this last year for my attempts at conquests. :) Ty (seekingbostonmarathon.com)

  8. I'm so glad to hear about your daughter!! What a great update!

    Maybe the century will help you find your cycling happy place - no pace pressures, just enjoying the scenery :)

  9. Awesome year last year through some big ups and downs. Here's to great things in 2013!

  10. Hope 2013 is a wonderful year for you!


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