November 9, 2012

What Next?

Now that my daughter is back in school (re-started yesterday, after almost a full month off!) I am able to resume my workouts.  It seems like a lifetime ago that I was exercising almost daily.  Just 6 weeks ago, on September 30, I did my first half-Ironman triathlon, SuperFrog.  A week after, so only 5 weeks ago, I did the Portland Half Marathon. Then my life went to hell in a handbasket when my daughter broke her neck.  She spent 2 full weeks at Children's Hospital. During this time I got a few short runs in, but nowhere near what I normally would have run.  She's been home for 2 weeks now, and I've been able to do a few runs (and 3 races, including my first 10k and two 5ks) and 2 swims. I  haven't been on my bike at all since SuperFrog.

But now that she's back in school, and I have some time to myself in the day where I don't need to coordinate childcare with my husband, training is back on.  Yesterday, after I dropped her off, I went on a 3 mile run. Today I did a 40 lap (2000 yard) swim. I am planning on biking tomorrow, although if it rains as predicted I might spin at the gym instead. Regardless, there will be cycling of some sort tomorrow. I need to get back into my routine.  Yes, it seems like it's been a lifetime since SuperFrog, but really, it's only been 6 weeks.  I've actually lost some weight, despite not exercising the way I normally do AND pigging out on Halloween candy, and I suspect it's a loss of muscle (probably from no biking!) Now is the time to turn things around.

What I've been pondering recently are my new goals, especially as related to triathlon.  I always train best when I have a goal to work toward, a race to run.  I have lots of half marathons planned in 2013:

New Year's Race Los Angeles Half Marathon, January 5
Tinker Bell Half Marathon, January 20
Carlsbad Half Marathon, January 27
San Diego Half Marathon, March 10
La Jolla Half Marathon, April 28
America's Finest City Half Marathon, August 18

What's missing from this list? Triathlons.  I have NO clue what I will be doing in 2013.  One big question is, do I want to do another half-Ironman?  I'm not sure, but I think I do.  At the end of SuperFrog I vowed I would never do another one, but I'm already forgetting the misery that was that run.  I don't want to travel for a 70.3, so I'm left with 2 choices in San Diego:  SuperFrog or Ironman California.  IMCA is already sold out for 2013, but I could consider it for 2014.  . But Ironman-branded races have a strict 8 hour cutoff in order to be official, and while I was just barely over the 8 hour mark for SuperFrog, I was still over. The bike scares me---it's very hilly---but the swim and run should be easier than SuperFrog (there should be no big waves and no beach run like I had to contend with). I'd have to really commit to major hill training over the next year.  Alternatively, I could do SuperFrog again (fact: I met one of the race directors a few weeks ago when I bought another commemorative t-shirt, and he said that if I could finish that race course, I could do ANY race.  He himself thought the course, especially the run, was ridiculously hard.)

Regardless of if/which 70.3 I do, I might also want to do a sprint or Olympic-distance triathlon.  I'm thinking of doing SuperSeal Olympic (I have a 25% off code since last year's cancellation).  But there are other races in San Diego, triathlons I haven't done before. The San Diego International Triathlon is just short of Olympic-distance (a little shorter swim and bike) although the bike goes up the same steep, grueling hill on Cabrillo National Monument that I did in last year's Oly.  And San Diego, birthplace of triathlon, has tons of other sprints that would be fun to do.

Also, I'm looking at other running races. I know I'm in love with the half marathon distance, but I enjoyed my first 10k and am looking at the Coronado Valentine's Day 10k.  And a certain friend of mine is pressuring me to do my first trail race with him. I hate trails, but am crazily considering this sufferfest of a 15k. Why not try something new? I'm also loosely considering a long swim race (2 miles or so) or a long bike (either a century or a metric century, even though I swore I'd never bike a mile past 60).   There are plenty of both to look at in San Diego.

The bottom line, I have nothing on my race schedule after next August. And no triathlons at all.  What to do, what to do.........


  1. I want to see you do another half ironman! A different one though! Your first was such a crazy course! Good luck deciding on what to do. It'll come to you.

  2. I love planning!!My 2013 is pretty much done with IMFL on the books....its ridiculous how careful I'm going to have to be to avoid injury!! Like you 13.1 is my favorite running distance. I would run them all year if my body could absorb the stress!! I think that's why 70.3 is my favorite tri distance...I can handle the day to day volume without any real musculoskeletal compromise.....I think you do what makes YOU happy and works for your life! I love to bike so the longer distances make just sense to me...but time is becoming more and moe scarce!! I can't wait to see what you decide!!

  3. It's so fun to make race plans - and I love that things have calmed down enough for you to make some of your own. I am trying to force myself to take a break after all the half marathons I did this year. But I already have a marathon relay & spring half on the calendar. And I want to push myself in a tri this summer. You'll find just the right thing to fill your calendar I'm sure. In the meantime - you will have so much fun at the Tinkerbell Half. It kicked off a great year of running for me this year!!

  4. I have been horrible at following blogs lately, so I am just catching up. First of all, I am so sorry to hear about A. I am so glad to hear how well she took the news and how everything was aligned for it to happen in a place that was protected and where you could get her to care quickly.

    I loved reading your recap of the Color Run. Little Dude is so excited to do it here next year. I showed him and he said it looked like so much fun! I had also heard that there were a lot of people walking and I love hearing about the experiences of others who brought kids!

    Good luck with race planning! It is always so much fun to pick out races. Your race schedule looks like a lot of fun! I am so impressed with everything that you did in 2012. I have started my planning and I think that I am going to try and do 3 half marathons again in 2013 and just go for a personal best!

    I hope that you and the whole family is doing OK. I am thinking of you guys.


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