December 14, 2011

Triathlete at Rest

It's now been about a week and a half since I crushed the half marathon course in Las Vegas and set a personal record. Since then, I have gotten approval from the Half Fanatics to join! The minimum level to join is 3 half marathons in 90 days, or 2 half marathons in 16 days. My 3 half marathons in 57 days (Long Beach, Silver Strand and Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas) has definitely qualified me. I'm now Half Fanatic #1642. I even got the shirt in the mail this week!

So, besides joining online clubs, what else have I been doing in the athletic world? Well, pretty much nothing. I'm on recovery break of sorts. Before I ran Vegas, I promised myself that I would run through the pain, balls to the wall, and then take a full two weeks off from running in order to rest my legs (I had been having glute pain, as well as some plantar fasciitis pain). I DID run the best race of my life in Vegas, and am keeping my promise to myself. Since I ran on the evening of December 4, I have not run one step. I am waiting until this weekend to run. It is SO weird not to run, let me tell you.

Additionally, I haven't been swimming or biking! I wanted to swim, and was planning on getting in the pool the day after I returned from Vegas to stretch out my legs. (I always, without fail, find that the best antidote to a hard run is a good swim). However, I returned home to an email from my gym saying that the pool heater was broken. It's an outdoor pool, and is usually heated to 80-82 degrees. It was now 70 degrees. Some people may have no hesitation getting in water that cold, sans wetsuit, but I did. Brrrr! So I didn't swim, and now the pool is closed altogether while they drain it and install a new heater. I hope to be able to swim next week, if it's fixed.

And biking? Well, I DID take my bike out for a ride this weekend, but two miles in my shifter broke. I had to call my husband to pick me up. During the short ride I learned that I am woefully unprepared for cold weather riding, and now I need to invest in a warm biking jacket and gloves (although I wore biking gloves, they are so thin that I literally could not feel my fingers). I hope to get a ride in this weekend.

So, what have I been doing? I've been taking it easy. I have not been doing nothing; that would be unthinkable! Instead, I've been walking the dog everyday, doing the elliptical and crossramp machines at the gym, and using the gym's spin bikes. I've also been doing some weight lifting. It is different for me, not to be swimming, biking or running most days...but I think my body needs this recovery. In a way, it's a blessing to be forced into slowing down a bit.

I also sold my bib to the Carlsbad Half Marathon. I will not Triple Crown next year; I'll do it instead in 2013. That still leaves 5 half marathons and a few triathlons on my agenda for 2012. I'm glad I cut out 3 half marathons!

I hope that the next time I write about my workouts, I'll be back to my triathlon-training self. In the meantime, I'm enjoying my recovery!


  1. Balls to the wall....that was my favorite part. I hope the time you've rested revs you up for 2012. I'm looking forward to seeing Sugar on the start line again. Nice usual.


  2. half fanatic! yay! I am shooting for marathon maniac after carlsbad. The half shirt is way cuter though! Enjoy some rest! You've had such a big racing and training year you deserve a break! I'm trying to do some core work these next few weeks via dvd. Wow they're hard. Its humbling. :oP


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