January 19, 2011

My Blogiversary--and Blog Makeover!

This week I am celebrating my blogiversary! Yes, one year ago I decided to start blogging. I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to blog about, but felt that I had something to say....between having a daughter with special medical needs, a husband with Young-Onset Parkinson's Disease, and an active son I had experienced a lot that I wanted to write about. Additionally, over the past year I re-committed to fitness, and once again became a runner, and now a triathlete. I love to write about that, too.

In this past year, I "met" some wonderful friends through my blog. First, I have met so many people who have found my blog and comment on it...thereby leading me to THEIR blogs. I love reading other people's blogs, and hearing their stories, especially as it relates to special needs or fitness. After creating my blog, I joined Twitter, and made some amazing friends there. From Twitter, I joined dailymile, another social networking site just for athletes. Between my new friends from blogging, Twitter and dailymile, I truly feel connected in the online world....the support I get is just as good as the support I get from my real-life friends.

To that end, I am grateful to Erica Sara, who has done this BEAUTIFUL makeover on my blog! My old look was plain and bare-bones....I am blown away by the work that Erica has done. If you haven't checked out her blog, please do so. She is runner (marathoner!), yoga fanatic, jewelry designer (check out her gorgeous designs, including race bling!), website designer, and all-around inspiring woman. Her websites (all three!) are definitely worth looking at.

I look forward to my next year of blogging. Thank you ALL for your comments and support. You have read my posts through the good and the bad, the excitement and the fear, the ups and the downs. That's life. And I intend to keep writing.


  1. Very pretty! Congratulations!

  2. Happy Anniversary and I love the makeover!!!!!

  3. Happy Blogiversary!!! I'm glad you decided to blog. :)
    The makeover looks awesome!

  4. The redesign is perfect! Love it!

  5. Love the new layout! Keep Blogging - It is great

  6. the new blog is so pretty! Looking forward to the deets about the 1/2-nice PR!
    Gina (mcdgg)


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